Underground river

Day1~2 backpacker 有趣的地方就是隨遇而安,搭乘00:50的班機到Malina 03:00,接著在機場尋找最優惠的匯率轉程08:25 Domestic Flight to Puerto Princesa City, then go to Underground river,體驗驚奇的大自然的巧奪天工。

結束地下河流之旅,接著是一段驚險的El nido之旅,6小時的旅程漫長但是司機很貼心。Day 2受颱風影響無法參加island hopping tour,但是“樂在其中”是旅程中很重要的生活態度,我們依舊在El Nido鎮上留下了美好的回憶,包括迷人的Las Cabanas Beach. 雖然下著大雨,但卻擁有不同風景的El Nido. RicGem Place主人的熱情好客,讓我真正體驗到5stars的Hospitality. I love the Philippines, not only the beautiful scenes, but the Philippino’s hospitality.    

After a red-eye flight(00:50-03:00) I arrived at Manila airport, and then transfer the Domestic flight to Puerto Princessa (08:25-09:25).The flight is on time. Day 1 we went to underground river, which is the most famous heritage in the world, the river is in the cave, and the cave is magnificant. You cannot believe the power of the nature.

After the underground river, we took a van to El Nido, it is a long trip, it took 5 hours with crowded people in one Van( 1630~21:40). When we arrived at El Nido, it was a heavy rain, and it was so dark arround us, all shops were closed. We finally got to our hostel(RicGem place). It was small but clean (416 NT per night.) Fortunately, it provides hot water, because all of us are feeling cold. The following two days, we planned to go islands hopping, but the weather is not allowed, so we just go around the town and the near beach. The life here is slow, and people are friendly.

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