la casa Bianca

Taking a rest always leads me to go further. After 5 days concentrating on learning, it is time to have a break. Help Martin’s only provides brunch since 9 :30 to 11:00 on Saturday, therefore many students go out for eating and having fun.

Today I am going to introduce a complex store “la casa Bianca”, which is a hotel, massage shop and restaurant. “La casa Bianca ” is a walking distance from Help Martin’s , only 900m far, but since it is a uphill, so I felt a little tired.

The atmosphere in la casa Bianca is like a paradise, my tight muscle is lessened when I stayed here. The food here is good as well as the reasonable price. Milly ordered a main course “herb grilled chicken”, and it included black glutinous rice and cream carrot soup, only charged 220 peso. I ordered a pasta with tomato sauce and seafood. Since the fresh strawberry is good in Baguio, so we also ordered a fresh strawberry smoothie.

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